In the South, spring provides an optimal time to build a new lawn and strengthen it before summer arrives. The combination of warm temperatures, humidity, and occasional rain all contribute to healthy grass.

Lawns that have been over seeded with a mixture of cool-season grass seeds should grow them all out before restarting a mowing schedule for the spring. If your lawn hasn't been over seeded, use a spring fertilizer treatment to encourage growth.

Establish a mowing schedule once the fertilizer has been applied and the weather warms.

Before it gets too hot, apply pre-emergent herbicide if you need. Applying it under hot temperatures could actually damage the plants.

Test drive the lawn mower and make any maintenance tweaks to prepare it for the summer growth season.


Summer is the time for Southern lawns to grow and flourish. Be prepared to mow more frequently and combat pests and diseases. Consider performing overhaul tasks such as aeration, dethatching, and fertilization to strengthen grass against the summer heat.

Because of the heat, a regular watering schedule is crucial to the survival of lawns in the South. Implement an irrigation system or use a garden hose to distribute water in the mornings so that it can evaporate over the entire day.

Lower the lawn mower blades so that it cuts more grass at once. Be ready to mow at least twice a week. Lower grass helps deter pests and weeds, effectively reducing the need for weed and pest control.

Compacted soil can occur in two instances: when there is too much water and when there is not enough water. To fix this, aerate the soil from time to time to allow the water and oxygen to reach the roots.

If you see any bald patches, over seed late in the summer before temperatures turn cool. In order for warm-season grass seeds to root, warm temperatures are needed.


Fall lawn care in Georgia should mostly be spent preparing for colder temperatures. Apply the last bit of pre-emergent herbicide and switch to using fall fertilizers. To further strengthen your lawn against the cold, mix in cool-season grass seeds while over seeding. Annual ryegrass is commonly used.

Scale back any watering to around 10 minutes twice a day to allow the new seeds to grow. Avoid mowing more than once a week or growth will be hindered.

Stop all watering if your lawn has gone dormant and wait for the grass to grow and strengthen. Dormant lawns can still be mowed, but scalping should be avoided.


Most lawns in the South will turn brown as the season grows colder and the grass goes dormant. As spring approaches, it will begin to turn back to green.

Water once a week to keep lawns hydrated during dry winters. Even dormant lawns need some water to keep from dying.

Avoid mowing a non-over seeded lawn during the winter, while mowing slightly on over seeded lawns. Reduce the rate of watering especially when frost arrives. Take advantage of the downtime to service and maintain your lawn mower.

Weeds can sometimes sprout in the winter. Dig them up manually or apply spot-spray to keep them from spreading. For taller weed varieties, a lawn mower will have to be used to get rid of them. This is the only time you should use a lawn mower in the winter.

For the most part, winter lawns in the South should remain as untouched as possible. Due to the slowed growth of the grass, any foot traffic could cause damage and have difficulty recovering.


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